"Go Furry" this Friday and support Take Your Dog To Work Day

Are you ready to "GO FURRY" this Friday? Our Harley girl is all ready busy working (she's on break, that's why she's checking out Facebook!) So who else is taking their furbaby to work on Friday, which is Take Your Dog To Work Day (TYDTWD)? If you have not yet heard of it, TYDTWD was established in 1999 by Pet Sitters International when 300 businesses first participated. Today, thousands participate all in the effort to promote pet adoption.

Does your office participate? If so, let’s hear how. Are you a freelancer or independent contractor whose canine companion assists in the home office with taking out the trash (your files), disposing of unused items (chewing up your supplies), and Emailing customers (sending notes to random strangers when their paws hit the keys)? If so, drop me a line and tell me how you and your dog plan on spending TYDTWD.

Be sure to visit the adorable TYDTWD video below to discover the Top Ten reasons for taking your best furry friend to work.

And for those of you who are going to be spending the day with your canine at the office, here are some great tips provided by members of the Association of Pet Trainers. (Click on image to make larger).

 What a great way to kick off a weekend!

Enjoy, and until next time, may you and your pets be happy, healthy, and safe.


  1. The Herd in the hu-dad's employment? He says he would like to remain employed.

    Actually, most Fridays, the hu-dad works from the house, so that means most Fridays the hu-dad and The Herd work together.

  2. I, for one, would love to go to work with Mom, but she doesn't think her company would allow it. However, like the Herd, our mom usually works from home on Fridays, so I guess we will be at work with her!


  3. Mike said he better not take me to the hospital, where he works. Beth works from home so I'll go with her!

  4. I wish we could take our pups to work that would be fun. Instead I am taking the day off to spend with Sagira.

  5. Unfortunately, our humans companies don't allow us to go to work with them. I think that is discrimination! If they can take their kids to work, why can't us furry kids go to work too? It's so not fair!

    Holly and Khady

  6. Yes my dogs were with me for Take Your Dog to work Day- woot! Of course I work from home... but this was the first time we got to spend this lovely holiday/event/whatever together so I was pumped :)


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