Friday, May 28, 2010

Honoring Veterans and War Dogs

With Memorial Day weekend upon us, it is time to take a moment to thank all of our veterans - past and present; here and gone; human and canine; for their great sacrifices. 

Since World War I, canines have played a large part in history. Known as "war dogs," these courageous canines, accompanied by their handlers, have bravely assisted our soldiers in so many ways; from tracking to bomb sniffing. For more interesting facts, videos, documentaries, stamp project information, and much more on the war dogs, visit the United States War Dog Association's website at Canines also played a large part in the 9/11 rescue operation. A wonderful tribute book, accompanied by some awesome photographs, of America's search and rescue dogs is Dog Heroes of September 11th. 

To our veterans and veteran war dogs, we say "Thank you!" for all you've done.

Pictured above ready to celebrate Memorial Day is "Wolf," our two-year-old white Siberian Husky pack member. From "Wolf" and all of us here at FiveSibes, both Husky and Hu-family members, we wish everyone an enjoyable and safe Memorial Day.

For our Hu-Soldiers: “Saving their land that fettered lay and sad, Themselves in dust of darkness these men clad: Seeing the praise they won for valor high, For his dear land a man may dare to die." ~Unknown.

For our War Dogs: "To all war dogs and their handlers past, present, and future; your deeds and sacrifices will always be remembered. Fidele nos praeeo." ~U.S. War Dogs Association


  1. Honoring all of them....where would we be without all the sacrifice? Happy Memorial Day....

  2. Great Post, We will be thinking of the Soldiers and the War Dogs.
    Remy and Flash

  3. Happy Memorial day...what a beautiful photo

  4. What a great post! I will be honoring my canine buddies who have sacrificed for this great country, as well as the humans, on this Memorial Day week-end.

    Have a great holiday! Great picture!