Friday, April 9, 2010

Rx for Stress: Belly Rubs and Love

I just recently read an article on about how pets help their owners deal with stress. There is much documented proof of how pets help reduce blood pressure, cheer up the elderly, help the ill, etc., of which I wholeheartedly concur. Recently, I have had to deal with some things that have sent my stress levels soaring. You know, when one of life's wake-up calls come screaming, "Hey, you, it’s time to think about you." Now, it’s my ingrained personality to always think of and help others first. This "me" thing is not my thing. So, naturally, it begs the question, "How do I learn to reduce stress and learn to live with it in a healthier manner?" Well, thanks to both my Hu-family and my Sibe-family (and the cat that adopted us!), I’m learning some answers that work best for me. First, I’m blessed to have a great immediate family. And then there are our Sibes and our cat. The Sibes automatically hone right in on when one of us is stressed as though they have radar. They are immediately there offering up a warm, wet nuzzle or saliva-soaked toy, or woo-wooing, kissing, and snuggling, all in their canine-keen way of trying to get us to give a belly rub (or ten), seemingly knowing the mere act can lower our stress levels by leaps. The cat also does that wonderful feline thing of rolling around until she, too, gets a belly rub (even though she thinks its for her, it really is medicine for humans). Our fur babies allow us to absorb their total unconditional love via a mere look or touch. I know for me, they sure have helped to keep me grounded and have made me laugh with their silliness, and I know no matter what, they are there to simply offer their love. And that is an awesome gift.


  1. So well stated and in total agreement with your words. The humans here could never survive the stress of life without their loving pups.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. We should charge more fur our services BUT will work fur food and walks seems to do it!


  3. Totally agree. The hu-dad can come home from a hard day, be covered in a blanket of Siberians, and forget everything.

  4. Had to laugh - my code word for the last post was - GLOCK . Uh, may not be an appropriate word for a post about stress.