Friday, March 12, 2010

Wolf Song: Happy Howling Huskies!

As any Sibe owner can attest, Huskies can sometimes have a lot to say and they  L-O-V-E to howl, sing, or “woo.” My furry kids break out in song at least several times a day. My neighbors love it. Seriously, they do. When they don’t hear them sing, they actually inquire to be sure all is OK with the pack. Like I said, I have really great neighbors! So at the break of dawn (or before, depending on when who wakes up), they begin the day with the early morning song; then the late morning song, followed by the early afternoon song, and then the early evening, and finally the late evening song. Usually one Sibe is the bandleader (they must draw twigs or something because the pups each take turns in this role). He or she will talk, bark, or woo to start the others singing. They each do a little warm up (simultaneously) until they fall into a group chorus and howl and woo to their hearts’ content. Now, when you hear them, it really is a beautiful thing even though our alpha girl really can’t sing. Nope, no golden pipes for her. But bless her heart, she gives it her all, and for some reason, the rest of the pack family just loves to hear her. So, as a result, she just loves to sing. She tosses her head back in true wolf-style and howls and sings so off-key, you just have to wonder how the other kids don’t notice! When they are done with their brief concert, they settle down in their Husky huddle ready for a nap as I clap and tell them how beautiful they all sounded. They unitedly gaze at me with those beautiful blue eyes, sometimes one or two will wink and two or three will smile, all the while being very confident that they do, indeed, sing beautiful wolf songs. If you'd like to hear my kids sing...turn up the volume!!! Your Sibes may very well join in the concert!


  1. Ha roo rooo roooo roooooooooo to woo too from the three of us - we were howling right along with your video.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Mom is looking at me AGAIN -

    I don't howl woo talk - she thinks I'm defekhtive ;-)

    EvFURRY now and then, I'll let out with one and that's it until the next blue moon!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  3. Woooooos wwooo roooo wooo rooo!
    ( singing along in harmony)

    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  4. What beautiful voices you guys have. :)