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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Visit to the vet hospital yields unsolved mystery...Can you help?

So earlier this evening, we are outside playing with our Sibes and my daughter notices a funky, sticky, blood-spotted yellow area on the deck carpet where the "kids" lay. We do a complete body check on all five Sibes, nada. We take a sample of the strange substance for the vet, then notice our youngest boy goes down into yard and stops digging his body-sized hole and is foaming at the mouth...I mean really foaming. He is acting spacey, his body language is strange, and earlier he had no appetite for dinner, nor breakfast this morning. Now sometimes when the weather gets warmer, my Sibes don't eat as much, but compounded by the mystery blood-spotted substance, we high-tail it over to the emergency vet hospital (it's after-hours for our regular vet) to have him checked out. All is OK. The foaming stopped and the vet suspects he chewed on something disagreeable in that hole. No blood in his specimen, so that was a giant relief. However, that now leaves four others who the specimen could possibly belong to. They suspect maybe one of Sibes could possibly have a UTI, but we need to watch. Has anyone else had any experience with their fur baby having either a UTI or discharging a sticky, blood-spotted yellow mystery substance?


  1. That must have been scary. Our dogs have gotten sick from eating stuff in the ground. We actually made the play yard smaller because they were finding to many mushrooms and clay to eat. It could be really dangerous. I have seen blood from a uti but the pee wasn't thick or sticky. Hmm... just keep a good eye on them, these things usually stay a mystery.

  2. Wooos! Mum says check the girls mostly for a UTI, they are the ones who usually get it, I know.... I leave little drops of blood for Mum to find too!(it can be sticky or smelly!) I have eaten things like frogs, lizards and whatever and foam at the mouth and not eat dinner, the next day Mum gives me chicken in white rice, or just the rice, to help settle my tummy!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  3. Thanks, SibeFamily and's good to know of others who have gone through the same thing. I'm leaning toward the UTI (my one girl got me up two mornings in a row at 4AM to go out, so she's my newest suspect). I'm going to catch some samples and have all their urine tested just to be sure. I'll keep you guys posted. Mushrooms, clay, frogs, and lizards...sounds just like a Sibe! Although mine do rocks & twigs, I'm still stuck on the frogs and lizards! Just have to love (and worry about) these crazy, silly, wonderful dogs! Thanks again!

  4. Sounds like something one of them ate, maybe a toad or some mushroom or something. Good luck and hope all are OK.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Sounds scary! Could someSibe have caught a toad? Those can make your mouth foam up. And maybe the blood is the toad's?
    Hope everyone is OK!
    Tail wags,

  6. Oh no..that is the problem with more than 1 pup, hard to figure out where stuff comes from. I hope they are all okay.

  7. UTI's, yes, but usually detected because of spotting or frequent urination. Easy to cure - if you could figure out who has it.

  8. P.S. - Meant to say before I hit enter - are you sure that you did not have one of those "exploding" birds? The Herd has already snatched a number of birds in the last couple of weeks and all I find is feathers and a little blood.

  9. Exploding bird??? Oh my...I'm not sure...but funny thing is I just got back from the vet to get some sample vials to run urinalysis on the other 4 and the tech mentioned a toad to me also. She had the same encounter with her dog and a toad and the foaming and blood. Anything is possible as I'm positive he would pounce on a toad if he saw it. Today all seems well, they didn't eat breakfast (I think when one is not eating, they all go on sympathy food strikes), all except my epileptic, he always eats (it's the meds)but I am happy to report, they pups all ate dinner, including the one who had the foaming episode. Thanks for all your good thoughts and support. Let's hope all the urinalysis test come back A-OK!

  10. Shiloh has done this before. (She is a mess of issues really). Her poo was as you described. We took her into the vet and was told she had a digestive tract infection and she had to be immediately put on antibiotics. She also smelled like death when she tooted. It was pretty bad. But she made it through. She never foamed at the mouth, but she puked and it looked like foam. So I would keep a close watch on all of them. . .

    Woo Woooo
    Shiloh, Shelby and their Mom