Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Greetings, and oh, is it snack time???

Pictured here are our FiveSibes ever-so-patiently waiting at our back kitchen door.Why are they waiting you ask? Well, I don't know about your Sibe babies, but when it comes to anything food, we have their immediate rapt attention! They can be in the middle of playing, sleeping, digging, chewing, or tearing something up, but when they hear either a shake of the "bone" jar or the rustling of a plastic bag, we suddenly have five very happy furbabies all around us, wooing and pawing and posing away for a treat. Funny part is, our back door has now become synonymous with food. They can be over in the far side of the yard digging their body-size trenches to Australia, but when they hear the back door open, they thunder their way up onto the deck at break-neck speed for some Husky hugs...well, I like to think so anyhow! In reality, they are looking guessed it...a snack! Although the Husky hugs are wanted (when I'm being honest with myself I know the hugs are wanted more by the HuFamily than the Sibe Family), but in reality they are looking for that special treat hidden in our hands. So in our Husky Haven, a door opening equals a snack. But then again, a window opening equals a snack, a shake of a jar equals a snack, a bag (of any kind) equals a snack, a box (of any kind) equals a snack, hands in pocket equals a snack, one of our cars pulling in the driveway equals a snack....


  1. Oh yes! We love to eat snacks. Hot dogs, cheese, and pizza bones are our favs!


  2. Hi fiveSibes,
    Oh I love that picture of them all intently looking at the door. And your description was priceless!!!! Thanks for sharing them with us!!!! Mom you must be very young to have the energy and time for five!!!!!!!!!!

  3. My Doggy Nanny started a bad habit of giving me treats out of the window on the porch - so when I see her there, I think the takeout window is open!

    What a great pikh! When Mom was married, at one point she had five too!


  4. You pups sure have trained your human well! Bravo! You SHOULD get a snack every time a human is around. Why not?!

    Excellent photo!


  5. I have found it amazing that a breed can be so deaf when their names are being shouted, but they can hear the crinkle of cellophane from outside the house.

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  7. So nice to hear from everyone! Oh, here too my babies absolutely love pizza; ice cream, and yogurt! My family just roll their eyes when I bring home the leftover pizza from eating out, but it is well-received when I arrive home! I have to say, I like the above idea of my getting a snack each time a human is around...yummm! And yes,I so agree, for a breed that likes to at times feign deafness, they sure do hear just fine when that tiny wrapper is crinkled!!! Too smart for their own good!

  8. Woooos! Did someone say SNACK?????? I am right there too!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  9. We line up promptly for Banana Formation every day! Woo, we love our bananas! And cookies. And anything Mom will give us.

  10. We have one sibe here who defies the Sibe trait of foodaholic - Phantom does like some treats but certainly can't be trained using treats:) Picky boy. Now Thunder and Ciara more than make up for his lack.

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara