Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mud, Mud, Everywhere!

Well, we're in the midst of a winter storm, today it's rain mixed with snow, tomorrow a "snow hurricane" is heading our way...all of which makes one think of fluffy white stuff. So, how in the middle of winter can my Sibes find a mud hole? The create one! It only takes one frisky, curious, mud-loving Husky pup to entice the whole pack family to join in the muddy swim. And, naturally, when they're done, they just want to come back inside for some Husky hugs. Ummm...can you say "baths first!"


  1. Mud is always a good thing! There are 5 of us at our house, too.

  2. Hi, we heard about you from Shiloh and Shelby. Where do you live? Your white sibe looks just like our Dakota who crossed the Rainbow Bridge last summer. Nice to meet you.

    Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Nice to meet you all too! Thank you for stopping by and we look forward to the next time! The Op Pack, so sorry to hear about your Dakota...the photo is of my 2-year-old, "Wolf" a/k/a Wolfgang "White Wolf" of Mystic Mountain. He is a true sweetheart, loves to shred every kind of dog toy available, and is our true mud monster!!!