School Daze on a #FiveSibes #FlashbackFriday!


#Flashback Photo ~ September 2010 ~ Our #FiveSibes "Bandit"


 As the song goes, "School Days! School Days! Dear old golden rule days," are once again upon us! For our #Flashback photo, we are going down Memory Lane to September 2010 and featuring our girl, Bandit, when she was just a 2-year-old pupster! Here she was all ready to hit the canine books and be my perfect model pupil! How fast the time went by leaves me in a daze. The same as it is with our kiddos, the years fly by with our pets. It sure does seem like yesterday that Bandit sat for this photo, and now here we are 11 years later and Bandit is sadly now a furangel as a new school year begins. On an up note, this year, my oldest grandchild is celebrating his first time attending school! And in these unusual times, we sure hope he, and all the kids, have a great and safe school year.  


“Nothing is impossible, 
the word itself says ‘I’m possible!’’  
~Audrey Hepburn




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 Books pictured with Bandit are:
How to Speak Dog: Mastering the Art of Dog-Human Communication 
 by Stanley Coren


Dog Language: An Encyclopedia of Canine Behavior
by Roger Abrantes


Have you read my article published by 4Knines about preparing your dog 
for when the kids return to school? If not, check it out below 
for some great tips to help ease the transition for your dog! 






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